The number of hours you dedicate to serving customers in your business is a strategic decision. This decision determines your competitive position within your market.  RIE consulting can Help You to Measure your success against your goals...

  • Customer Service Sampling
  • Queuing Performance
  • Staffing Over / Under service

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business success comes from meeting your financial objectives.   we help you to ensure that your operational, customer service and financial objectives are aligned...
  • operational labor planning
  • budget analysis and model building

financial objectives

​​​​workforce scheduling

right place right time

We help You Optimize your Scheduling to meet your business's financial and customer service needs

​​rie consulting can help to ensure your workforce is balanced and deployed at the right time of day and right days of the week.  We can help you to achieve your operational and customer service standards.  we use innovative wfm techniques to improve your....

  • Labor driver forecasting
  • labor hour forecasting
  • Scheduling Methods and Technology
  • operational governance
  • schedule reporting and analytics
  • WFM Vendor selection

Customer Service

​​The number of hours you dedicate to Task Completion in your business is non negotiable.  your operational policies and procedures determine the hours you need.  RIE consulting can help to ensure that you are staffed properly to meet your operating standards...
  • Work sampling
  • process improvement
  • over and under staffing analysis